IDENTITY Y2: Creation

Following on from the above, the rear end of the car continues with the same nautical inspirations in terms of its design and visually conveys the power of its V12 engine through its 4 High Tech exhausts located under a carbon aerodynamic deflector that matches the same material used for the front end. Both the design and the production of the chassis for the new Y2 are carried out at Identity in order to guarantee maximum quality and the best possible dynamic performance. To optimise the features and ensure the best possible performance, a hybrid space frame structure has been used that is based on competition technology and made from such aeronautical materials as aluminium and carbon. This achieves a weight reduction for the vehicle to less than 1,600 Kg, thus enabling greater comfort and optimum gear control. It should also be stressed that, just like any good Gran Turismo vehicle, the IDENTITY Y2 uses fine materials for its interior, such as the nappa leather and shark skin that adorn the passenger space designed to comfortably accommodate 4 occupants with their corresponding luggage stored in the boot space measuring over 350 litres.