Style, performance and ability summarise the design for the new CARREIRA C1 concept - intended as a luxurious runabout and occasional ‘weekender’ or exclusive tender to a large superyacht.

The CARREIRA C1 project came about as a result of Galicia / Spain based Identity Cars, having asked us to come up with a sleek and stylish boat concept to complement the launch of their new prototype supercar IDENTITY Y2.

The design for the boat will be made available to the public at the same time the car is officially unveiled at the prestigious ‘Top Marques Monaco’ show, taking place from 14th to 17th April 2011 at the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco.

More than just a marketing exercise - all necessary calculations and compliance procedures for the CARREIRA C1 concept have been completed by Barracuda Yacht Design and construction can take place immediately upon first order.

Onlookers will find it hard not to notice more than an intentional family resemblance between both car and boat. Various subtle details, such as the steering wheels and elements from the dashboard styling, for example, will be common to both. While not forgetting that each time a boat is produced, adherence to the same kind of manufacturing tolerances that apply to car manufacture, will apply in equal measure to the boat.

Key features include a discreet, yet purposeful looking hull, with deep V-shaped sections forward and muscular, flowing lines to the sides and rear. The hull form will provide passengers with a soft and compliant ride with reduced tendency towards slamming.

Twin 700hp petrol engines offer speeds of up to 70knots, while two rows of three standing ‘sports style’ seats will hold people securely in place.

Surface drive propulsion will be used and, for ease of maintenance and parts supply, the engines specification will remain largely standard. Options to ‘beef-up’ performance even further, however, will be available.

At slow speeds or when stationary, the CARREIRA C1 offers comfortable seating for six people around a fixed table, and a separate galley area & fridge unit will enable the preparation of food & chilled drinks when required.